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Buttock Augmentation

Unfortunately, diet and exercise sometimes aren’t enough to achieve your desired buttocks appearance. To achieve the look you want, you may wish to consider Buttock augmentation.

Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery offers several options to improve the appearance of your buttocks:

Buttock Lift: The Buttock Lifts achieves a more toned, sculpted buttocks region by removing excess skin and reshaping the buttocks to provide a more toned appearance.

Buttock Implants: Buttock implants are ultra-soft silicone implants inserted into the pockets within your buttocks muscles to improve the shape and contour of your butt.

Brazilian Butt Lift: The Brazilian butt lift enhances the appearance of your buttocks through a fat transfer method. The procedure begins with liposuction in a donor region, such as the back, thighs, or abdomen, to harvest fat that will be transferred into your buttocks. This fat is then re-injected into your buttocks to create your desired contour. As a result, you receive a dual body contouring benefit.

Buttock Implants and Brazilian Butt Lift Candidates

You may be a candidate for Buttock Lifts or augmentation if you:
  • Are unhappy with the appearance of your buttocks
  • Would like to add volume and roundness to your butt
  • Are in good overall health
  • Have realistic expectations for your results
  • Do not smoke or are willing to quit smoking prior to the procedure and throughout the recovery period

In addition, candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift must have an ample amount of excess body fat in a donor region such as the abdomen, back, or thighs.

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