Renuva is a new injectable introduced in 2021 and is an off-the-shelf alternative to autologous fat transfer. It is a groundbreaking treatment made from donated and purified fat. Renuva is not your traditional filler. Instead, think of Renuva as a building mechanism that triggers your body’s fat production. Renuva is used to restore volume in the hands, face, and body in a short and in-clinic procedure. The adipose allograft is processed to treat small volume aesthetic irregularities to help your skin become smoother and flawless.

Renuva contains collagen, proteins, and growth factors found in adipose tissue. The product is created from natural tissue to fix divots, dents, and dimples. The matrix serves as a framework to support cellular repopulation at the injection site. Renuva is used where fat naturally exists. The aesthetic applications of Renuva include nasolabial folds, cheeks, and other areas of the body.

Renuva has been used in craniofacial and reconstructive procedures to fill liposuction irregularities and smooth cellulite dimples.

There is no downtime with Renuva, and the injection of the product eliminates the need for small volume fat transfer. In addition, it does not require anesthesia.

Renuva is FDA-approved for injection to improve skin tone, texture, and volume and transfers a small amount of donor fat to target areas on the body and face. You may notice small results from Renuva immediately after injections. However, you may not see the full results of the formula for up to three months.

Renuva is effective and safe. It can produce immediate visual improvement but stimulates fat cells and new skin in your body. You will see improved tone and texture after treatments of Renuva. Renuva is not a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler, but it can be dissolved if you are not satisfied.


Renuva is made from natural tissue.

Yes, Renuva is very safe, and since it is made from natural products, it does not cause allergies.

You will see subtle results almost immediately, but it can take three months for Renuva to take effect fully.

Renuva can last up to five years, according to research and testing.

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