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There are certain ideals of human beauty and aesthetics, certain constants that apply to just about everyone. At Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Capraro, respects these constants. As an artist and a surgeon, he understands the aesthetically pleasing features for each unique individual time and time again.

Symmetry and balance are crucial. However, there are both constants and variables in the world of plastic surgery, and we will never let general truths get in the way of the individualized attention you need when considering a plastic surgery procedure.

Our philosophy of plastic surgery has long revolved around the individual patient. You. You are the most crucial factor. You will be treated as a unique human being, not a standard-issue patient getting a standard-issue procedure.

There is nothing standard-issue about Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado, area and you’re looking for safe, effective plastic surgery, please call Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery at (303)-320-5566 for a consultation. With a name in plastic surgery for over 40 years, there’s a reason our patients choose us.

All About You

Let’s take one example of the dynamic we’re talking about here. While it’s crass to say “bigger is better,” the fact remains that women who come to us for breast augmentation are looking for larger breasts. Societal standards are such that larger breasts are often considered more attractive.

But that general truth shouldn’t shroud your specific circumstances when you’re going through implant sizing. Bigger is most assuredly not better if you’re a petite woman with a small frame. You always want a breast size that accords well with your overall body type.

And that’s just one example. There are certain physical features that, however widely desired, are not necessarily ideal for you.

What to Expect

At Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery, you will always be the subject of the conversation, not some generic, generalized figure that doesn’t actually exist. Every decision we make will be made based on your specific circumstance.

Usually, this means meeting your goals through the application of safe, effective plastic surgery. On some occasions, this commitment means helping patients take a step back and realize that their original idea of what they wanted to achieve is not right for them.

This conversation will never be condescending or unpleasant. We will never run you down or cajole you into a procedure that isn’t right for you. We just want what’s best for you, your health, and your overall appearance.

If you’re a resident of Denver, Colorado, and you’re considering plastic surgery, please call Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery at (303)-320-5566 or use the contact us form here on our website to request a consultation.

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