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An aged facial appearance may affect your confidence in a competitive career field. It may cause you to feel less attractive and self-assured, which can affect your social life. Most people face this inevitable facial sagging as a result of sun exposure, genetics, and gravity. But a facelift can restore your fresh, youthful facial qualities.


You are probably an adequate facelift candidate if you are unhappy with the way that your face has begun to sag and descend. This rejuvenating procedure lifts and brightens your overall facial appearance, effectively taking years off of your face.

Specifically, a facelift can reverse the following problems:

  • Skin sagging
  • Jowls and sagging skin along the jawline
  • A double chin
  • Loss of facial muscle tone
  • Fallen facial fat
  • Deep folds extending from the corners of your nose
  • Deep folds extending from the corners of your mouth

These are the facial characteristics that we look for when recommending if a person is a candidate for a facelift or not. Additionally, we want to make sure that you are in good overall health, and that your body is able to withstand a surgical procedure. Good health lowers your risk of many complications. A review of your medical history and a discussion about any current health conditions can be expected.

We will also discuss your goals, including what you want to change about your appearance, and what result you would like to see. Reasonable expectations and a clear idea of what a facelift can and cannot achieve are important parts of a good candidacy. We want to make sure that we come up with a surgical plan that has reachable goals and that will give you exceptional results. Today, the facelift has a variety of techniques that are customized to your suit your individual needs.

Some people are good candidates for a mini-facelift, which addresses less significant signs of aging. If your face is still in the early stages of aging, this mini technique may be right for you. It can address:

Moderate sagging in the cheek area
Sagging chin area
Your brow, eyes, and the entire upper third of your face may still look youthful and perky, as the lower two-thirds begin to descend.

The procedure itself is less extensive than other facelift techniques. The excess skin is removed using smaller incisions along your hairline and ears. The skin is tightened and elevated, which tones the cheek muscles and lifts the lower face. Another advantage is a rapid recovery, which has earned this technique the nickname the “weekend facelift.”

Well-defined cheekbones can bring out the best in all of your facial features. They highlight the eyes and balance your nose and chin. As you age, sagging facial tissue and drooping cheek fat may rob you of some of the youthfulness of your face. A mid-facelift restores a smooth, younger appearance to your lower eyelids and cheeks.

Ideal candidates for this technique have:

  • Sagging cheeks but few other signs of aging
  • Deep lines from the corners of the nose
  • Lost jaw definition
  • Deep wrinkles across the cheeks

The procedure itself is adapted to modify the area extending from your lower eyelids down to the corners of your mouth. An incision is made along the hairline and inside the mouth. Fat pads in the cheeks are repositioned to look more youthful, perky, and firm. Excess skin is removed.

The recovery from a mid-facelift takes a little over a week. Plan to stay home from work for seven to ten days. We will let you know what physical activity and exercise are allowed within that timeframe.

A SMAS technique tightens the underlying layer of connective tissue, known as the Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System. This method has the advantage of restoring youthful firmness from deep below the skin, not just superficially.

What is the SMAS? When we think of the outer appearance of our faces, we usually think of how the skin affects the appearance. Facial procedures targeted at the skin alone will not address aging at the level of muscle, tendons, and connective tissue. SMAS is like the metal support structure of a building. You never see the structure after the outside of the building is complete. The SMAS is a network of fibro-connective tissue and muscle that forms a supportive structure beneath the outer layer of your skin.

As you grow older, not only will the outer layer of skin sag, so too will the SMAS layer. If this is the case, a SMAS technique provides comprehensive rejuvenation from the inside out. Our experienced plastic surgeons will work beneath the SMAS layer, “undermining” the tissue so they can access it. We lift all three layers of the skin, placing most of the tension on the SMAS. The resulting lift will have a strong support system.

The neck lift procedure tightens sagging, loose skin on your neck and beneath your chin. The neck is one of the first areas where aging becomes apparent, as it droops downward and loses its youthful firmness. This procedure is not necessarily included in a facelift, but our plastic surgeons often recommend it.

The great thing about a neck lift in conjunction with a facelift is that you will get a continuous result: From your neck upward, the skin will be firmer and youthful, so there’s no mismatch between the condition of your neck and face.

In a typical procedure, the excess fat and skin are removed, allowing our surgeons to re-drape and tighten the remaining skin. Depending on the condition of your neck, the muscles may also be tightened.

Your choice of surgeon is important. In the right hands, a facelift produces a dramatically younger facial appearance without looking pulled or artificial. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have performed numerous facelifts over their years in practice, and as such, you are in skilled hands when you choose Grossman Plastic Surgery. We encourage you to view the following galleries to see the results achieved by our surgeons:

The second important factor is personalization. The plastic surgeons at Grossman Plastic Surgery do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to any surgery, including facelifts. Each man and each woman who is interested in the procedure will have unique facial aging. Our surgeons first assess what is happening with your skin and the supporting layers, and then they can recommend a technique to achieve effective, natural rejuvenation that has a dramatic restorative outcome.

If you are curious about a facelift and our plastic surgeons, we encourage you to arrange a consultation with us. We will be happy to discuss all of your options and to describe what we can do for you, should you choose us as your surgeons.

The cost of any procedure is variable. To receive an estimate, please call us to arrange a consultation. Once the plastic surgeon has examined your face, discussed your wishes, and recommended a treatment plan, our Surgical Coordinators will provide you with a cost estimate. We will also describe your payment options and options to apply for financing.

The incisions vary slightly by type of facelift, but you can expect incisions around your ear and along the hairline. Facelift incisions heal into virtually invisible scars. They are small, narrow, and pale about six months to a year after the procedure. The plastic surgeons at Grossman Plastic Surgery know how to place the incisions in the most well-concealed areas.

Generally, results are said to last about 10 years before you may begin to notice a recurrence of sagging. But some people feel their results are permanent in the sense that the clock is turned back on the aging of the face. You can’t stop the aging process, but your face will look younger than it would otherwise, even as it continues to age.

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