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iS Clinical’s Lip Polish is a gentle and effective scrub for your lips that contain powerful antioxidants of Vitamins C and E. Included are intensely rich botanical butters. The Lip Polish encourages exfoliation and helps to smooth and hydrate lips. You will be left with healthy and glowing lips. The lip polish gently exfoliates to reveal smoother texture and conditions, softens and hydrates, provides antioxidant protection, and is paraben-free.


The Vitamin E in Lip Polish is highly productive and adds hydration and antioxidants to help protect against the visual effects of photodamage or sun damage.


Vitamin C (Tetrahexldecyl Ascorbate) is a scientifically advanced and established form of Vitamin C that helps to protect against the visual effects of photodamage while at the same time calming your lips.


Sucrose is a natural sugar exfoliator that controls blemishes and helps restore your skin’s natural oils.


Customers rave about this Lip Polish and claim that this lip polish is great smelling, a good scrub, and leaves the lips juicy and soft. Other clients say that it gently cleanses and has a handy spoon to apply. Still, another client says it has a unique nostalgic scent and is more than a lip scrub. This client was excited by the flavor, so she repeatedly ordered the polish.


iS clinic is not out to change your lips or tell you that you are not good enough or you could be better with our products. We are here to enhance your natural beauty and give you glowing, soft lips. We want to showcase your unique look with our specially tailored skincare products. Ensure the health of your lips by using iS Clinical’s Lip Polish as a part of your regular beauty care routine.