renuvion treatment

Have you heard about Renuvion treatment? If you have, then you must have been looking for a way to treat saggy skin. If not, this blog is a good place to start thinking of an alternative to tightened the skin without surgery.

Our bodies naturally lose skin tone and elasticity as we age. Saggy skin can appear in any part of our body: the face, arms, neck, or buttocks. When this happens, the confidence level may drop as well. Although everyone will eventually experience this imminent event, you can still control it by delaying, minimizing its visibility, or improving your skin.

There are several safe, FDA-approved, and effective skin-tightening treatment that is available to med spas. Grossman Capraro Plastic Surgery offers an excellent and innovative skin-tightening treatment that gives quick visible results with a minimally invasive procedure that will require less procedure time.

What is Renuvion Treatment?

Renuvion is an innovative, minimally invasive technology that treats saggy skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and cellulitis. This treatment is FDA-accredited for cutting, coagulating, and ablating soft tissue during open and laparoscopic surgical procedures. Renuvion makes use of helium gas, which is very stable and swiftly converts to plasma at a lower temperature. The helium gas is energized with the aid of using radiofrequency (RF) waves to create a powerful, particular circulation of cool plasma. During the ionization process, only a small amount (much less than 0.1%) of helium gas is transformed into plasma. At the same time, the remaining helium gas (over 99.9%) flows over the treatment area, with the plasma beam producing sufficient heat to reduce the skin, while the extra helium gas concurrently cools the treatment area.

How Does It Work?

Renuvion treatment requires a minimally invasive procedure and is performed with a handheld device. The Renuvion portable device consists of an elongated metal sleeve or tube that can be inserted under the skin through a small, specially placed incision (if performed separately) or through an existing incision (if combined with other steps). The helium jet can accurately and powerfully eject the cold plasma emitted from the tip of the device. When the device moves back and forth within the treatment area, the cold plasma heats the underside of the skin, causing the skin to shrink and stimulate collagen production.

What are the Results of Renuvion Treatment?

Renuvion is commonly used to tighten the skin in almost any body area. Common areas include:

  • Lower Face
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Abdomen

Immediately after treatment, you will notice that the skin is getting firmer. Also, the production of collagen will continue over time, thereby further enhancing and restoring the vitality of the treated area. Inflammation should appear although minimized, and small incisions should not leave small scars or any. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and understand that your skin will continue to age naturally, you can expect your results to be relatively long-lasting with up to 2 years of visible results. The feature of Renuvion is that it can tighten the skin and shape the body extraordinarily. It can be achieved without invasive surgery and obvious scars. Now you can turn the clock and remove loose skin without leaving unsightly scars and significant recovery time associated with invasive surgery.

Reasons for You to Get Renuvion

Precise Treatment Process

To obtain excellent skin rejuvenation effects, experience and practice are required. Our team is equipped with the necessary experience to do the procedure precisely. The device uses an extremely precise mechanism that allows the operator to perform excellent control over the treatment process. This allows us to gently remove old skin layers with extremely high precision so that we can get the correct results without removing too much or too little skin.

Minimal Downtown

Downtime is decreased with the Renuvion, in comparison to surgical or laser remedies that provide comparable results. Many sufferers go back to paintings only over every week and revel in redness and swelling for the primary 2-three weeks. Some residual redness can also additionally continue to be after the preliminary healing period; however, it could be covered with make-up for perfect pores and skin appearance.

These healing timelines are an awful lot shorter than the standard healing intervals for a conventional laser treatment. Many sufferers require 2-three weeks of downtime after laser pores and skin resurfacing.

Promotes Collagen Production

Renuvion can reactivate collagen production in the body, thereby visibly tightening the skin a few months after the operation. Increasing the content of collagen can also improve the thickness and quality of the skin.

Long-Lasting Results

Your response to treatment and the natural aging process will determine how long your treatment will last. However, you can be sure that this treatment will continue. See a long-lasting result! The maximum effect of the complete treatment can last up to 2 years.

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